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New Video: Flower Graves - "Ociin"

New Video: Flower Graves – “Ociin”

I see Sheila Vand in that scene of perfection; all stylized and rhythmic, imagining had A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night been made six years later. She places the record on to fill the silence and space, love is precarious after all, possibly this could have been the song washing over the uncertainty between...
Film Review: Raw

Film Review: Raw

Raw by Jay Armstrong   Today marks my fifth time watching Raw. Drop what you are doing, call into work, close this article, and go see the film in the proper religious form it demands. There is a solid chance it will only remain in theaters for a couple of days so, seriously, stop waving...
Staff Picks: Frightening Flicks For Your Halloween Hang-Ups

Staff Picks: Frightening Flicks For Your Halloween Hang-Ups

So as you all know, Halloween is undoubtedly the best time of year since Halloween has now taken over the entire month of October (which I’m cool with). Somewhere between all of the costume parties and themed cocktails, you may find yourself craving some down time to recover from those Halloween Hangovers, so we’ve got...

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