Sweet Dates for Cheapskates


Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Summer lovin’, draining my cash…


Everyone loves a great date, whether it’s with a long-term special someone or a new love interest. But dating on the cheap can be difficult, especially during the summer when the temperatures are rising and seemingly sweet walk in the park can easily turn into a disastrous sweat-fest. The classic dinner-and-a-movie date is nice, but it gets old (and expensive) fast. Here are a few creative ideas that will keep your wallet happy and (hopefully) land you a second date.

  Source: http://derekandlana.com/2012/02/cheap-date-night/
Source: http://derekandlana.com/2012/02/cheap-date-night/


Have a DIY dinner-and-a-movie date with a home cooked meal and Netflix. Bonus points if you and your honey cook together. Extra bonus points if you try a new, possibly complex recipe. Even if you fail miserably, silly cooking mishaps are always good for a laugh!


Grab another couple and make it a double date! Try going out for pizza and splitting the check to offset the cost. Then, head back home for drinks, board games, or a movie.


– Get hooked on a TV show together. This works best for long-term couples, but can also be a great way of guaranteeing a whole season of dates with a new crush. Have a viewing party for two once a week or snuggle up for marathon sessions on Netflix. Either way, it’s a great bonding experience- you’ll be quoting funny moments and picking apart plot twists for months.


– Hit a house party, a wedding, a club, whatever. Even if you and your special someone aren’t really party people, going out and being around friends can be a refreshing break from one-on-one time. Plus, you could score free food/drinks, depending on the event. Bonus points if you get a little more dressed up than usual and impress your date!


– Have a nighttime picnic and watch the sunset. Find a great location- I’d recommend a spot beside a lake, the ocean or another body of water- and stick around long enough to see the stars come out. Pack a shareable meal from home for a super romantic (and free!) evening.


– Get your groove on. Take a group dance class, scope out a club or bar with a great dance floor, or just blast some music and waltz around your living room (this can actually be really romantic if you choose a not-too-cheesy slow song- bonus points if it’s on vinyl!).


– Go window-shopping at a thrift or antique store. This is a unique (and super cheap) way to get to know your special someone better. Every trip is a mini-adventure, and you never know what insane deals you may find. Together you’ll dig up objects that remind you of childhood stories, try on silly hats and glasses, and laugh about the many bizarre items you stumble upon!


– Check your school or community calendar for free concerts, gallery openings, movie screenings and street fairs. Even if your town seems like the most boring place on the planet, I guarantee you that there’s some cool culture somewhere- and you can trust me on this one because I live in College Station!


– Clip coupons and keep an eye on daily deal websites. Many businesses even offer discounts to users who “like” them on Facebook for a chance at a cheap dinner at an old favorite or a new hotspot.


– Get crafty! Tie-dye old t-shirts, paint pottery (most studios offer discounts on certain days) or take on a DIY home improvement project. Crafting together is like cooking together: if it’s good, it’s good; if it’s bad, it’ll become a hilarious inside joke.


Source: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lngmm08JTM1qk88rs.jpg
Source: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lngmm08JTM1qk88rs.jpg


We’ve still got a whole summer of date nights ahead of us! Do you have any other bright ideas for the Scrooges out there? If so, spill!

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