Summer Wedding Style

Wedding season is here, and if you’re like me, all of your friends are getting married…or at least it seems like it. Though you may remain single this season, we’ve got the looks that will be nothing less than eye candy for the other single pringles at the reception.

Summer Wedding Wear


You’ve got geek weddings, traditional weddings, “third times a charm” weddings, and everything in between. Each occasion calls for you to pull something different from your style arsenal. Whether the bride is requiring everyone to color coordinate or you’re on the prowl, always make sure you feel comfortable (you might be sitting AND dancing for extended periods of time) and confident. And there’s no way we’re going easy when that bouquet is thrown…


And fellas, we didn’t forget about you. Chances are you may have a few weddings or special events to go to, so it is always smart to buy pieces that can be mixed and matched for every occasion. A solid colored suit can always be paired with other solids, colors, patterns, etc. So why not give it a shot? Have fun with your ensemble!

Mens Summer Wedding Essentials


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