Summer: Deandri x Mink Pink

Take the girl next door, mix her with the rebellious 1990’s Angelina Jolie, and boom! This look happens. A lot of people have a tendency to wear what’s normal or expected during spring and summer, such as:¬†pastels, neons, lots of colors, blah blah blah. Oh, you’re mixing it up with a bright colored top, chunky necklace, and white shorts? How original of you. You wear what everyone and their mom is wearing. So, now is the time to grow a pair, and wear what you want. BE REBELLIOUS. Take a flirty dress, mix it with some bright lipstick and hot tights. Who’s judging you? Top it off with some rockin’ platforms and you’ve made the perfect look. People will stare in awe. You’ll be that girl; the one who everyone says “I wish I could dress as cool as her.” Show your inner rebel.
“I became a style icon by playing it safe” – said NO ONE.Summer: Deandri x Mink Pink


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