Guidelines for Submissions


ANON Magazine seeks to provide meaningful, honest, and inspiring content to our readers. We’re always accepting submissions!  If it is thought-provoking and could loosely be described as art, send it over. Reviews on pop culture (comics, zines, films, books, albums,etc,) are warmly welcomed as well. We are always open to the infinite possibilities in regard to collaborations or ideas, shoot em over.

When submitting work we ask that you provide a title, any relevant social media links. If your submission is photography, include at least five photos (ideally in the highest resolution). Introductions, additional information about your work, and/or a mini-bio about you are encouraged.

Got a friend who is too shy to speak up? Speak up for them. The more creatives brought to our awareness the better.

You can submit your work, ideas, and inquiries to:


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