Style Inspiration: Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion

Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion – one of the best cult classics. At least, in my opinion it is. I hope that I’m not the only one who grew up wishing that I could be one of the fashionably-fantastic-bitchin’-blondes in this movie. Regardless, if that was just my dream or the dream of many other people, those girls had style. From working out to ‘working it’ (at their reunion), Romy and Michele knew how to dress. What lesson can we take from these babes of fashion? First, be true to yourself. Did Michele let a clunky back brace stop her from being a babe? NOPE. So, neither should you! Secondly, platforms, platforms, platforms. Nuff said. Third, it’s alright to show off your body. Everyone’s got a little smokin’ babe hiding inside of them somewhere. Whether it’s in the form of a spandex metallic mini dress, or, you know, maybe something a little less flashy, wear something that makes you feel HOT.


 Night Out

Romy and Michele 1
Casual Wear
On a more casual note, Romy and Michele sure knew how to mix it up when it comes to patterns, so why not go a little nuts this spring and mix and match your wardrobe. Who ever said matching or being plain was cool? Plus, mixing up clothes is a cheap way to create a new style with the stuff you already have! Or even better, mix and match clothes with your best friend! You can always find new and creative ways to wear that old skirt that’s just been collecting dust in the back of her closet.
Romy and Michele II

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