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Mastered, a fashion talent company based in the UK, helps to connect those interested in fashion talent with real industry skills and the opportunities needed to succeed. This year they’ll be launching a new program for emerging streetwear designers with a series of events around the world, taking place in Tokyo, London, Berlin, and New York. Their program will feature some of the world’s most respected designers, including Fraser Cooke, Jörg Haas of BeingHunted, Rob Jest of Alife and artist/designer Eric Elms. Mastered has also carefully scouted new and emerging designers to ensure that their program will integrate both established names and up and coming talent. Each of the four events will discuss themes relevant to their host city and aid to examine the relationship between streetwear and fashion.



Streetwear Mastered: London Launch Event


Mastered is looking for individuals aspiring to learn how to collaborate with the best brands in the game, a need to build a strong business to share their creative ideas, and a desire to create products with faultless credibility. Their online program begins in April 2016 and provides users with content related to Products, The Business, The Culture and the Market, Branding and Sales. Enrolled creatives can network, watch candid video content, have access to live-streamed Q&As and submit responses to briefs by some of the biggest names and brands in the industry. To enroll in their upcoming program Click Here.


Previous experts and brands that have been associated with Mastered’s programs include Vivienne Westwood, NARS, V Magazine, Dazed, i-D, Vogue Italia, Emanuel and many more. You can also keep updated with Mastered on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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