Spring’s Grunge Gal

Don’t put away your darks just yet! Yes, I know that it’s spring, and you’re pulling out your box of bright colored spring clothing and putting away the dark winter clothes, but hold on! This spring season is a time for something a little new – a dark wardrobe with a pop of color. Pastel pink with a black outfit gives a chic look, while still giving you that ‘springy’ appearance. As we’ve seen from fashion week, pastels are hot this spring, so why not save yourself some money and mix some of your light weight winter clothing with some key spring essentials to give yourself a chic spring look. Take a look at Miley Cyrus; she wears edgy clothing with a grunge style, yet still looks effortlessly chic. You may not all agree on her Draco Malfoy inspired hair cut, but nonetheless, her style for spring is KICKIN’. Take a look below, and see what we’ve put together. Use our inspiration to create a whole new look for you this spring season!


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