So, it’s probably well known by now that this magazine is run by students at Texas A&M, and, well, A&M isn’t well known for fashion. In fact, we aren’t known for fashion AT ALL. The only trends you see on this campus are XXXXXL t-shirts, Nike shorts, Ugg boots, and tights on the ladies, and Southern Tide polos, Chubbies shorts, and Sperry’s for the fellas. How original, right? So in attempt to find those few individuals that stand out from the crowd, we scavenged campus and managed to come across these few cool cats. I know, this isn’t anything close to the NY Fashion Week trends, but I applaud these individuals for being, well, individual. It takes some guts to dress differently at a close-minded university where being different gets you some looks.


If you come in contact with some great street style, feel free to send us photos. We would LOVE to feature people with great style in other places! Send any photos to













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Okay, the staff looked pretty cute too, so we had to throw them in.