SPOTTED: European Street Style

     At the time that I left College Station for a semester to go abroad to Dresden, Germany, I looked like any other Aggie girl. My hair was tied up in a messy bun, and I adorned a cozy, comfort color long sleeve, coupled with my Victoria’s Secret sweatpants. Draped over that was my oversized Columbia jacket, and a pair of Sperry’s topped it all off. 14 hours later, when I finally touched down in Germany, I was shocked at how remarkably well dressed the men and women were. Whether they had landed from a three or thirteen-hour flight, they were dressed as if they had just stepped out of Urban Outfitters or some other trendy shopping spot. As time went on, I began to notice that people dressed to impress in any situation, whether they were going out for the night, or just to buy some food from the grocery store. Such a stark contrast from the fashion I had seen at most colleges in Texas, where young men and women are guilty of sporting distasteful lazy-wear at the local bar, or mal-fitting dresses (in every way imaginable) with high heels, in which they can’t walk.

     So, in an effort to educate my peers on the art of being well dressed, I took it upon myself to scout out and photograph some of these fashionable European folks. It was hard to select just a few, since the majority of passer-by’s looked dashing, but here are a few praiseworthy individuals that caught my eye.








     After almost five months in Europe, it is easy to see that people here own more than jeans, hoodies, and the free t-shirts that they got for running a marathon. It is a braver kind of style that is admirable in every way, and trust me, you get used to it! I went from being your average XL shirt and Nike shorts girl, to a girl who dons a bold style wherever I go. In Europe, people strive for chic over comfort.




    Want to get the look? It’s not so hard! Fashion, as of late, is all about layering. So, pair up what you think looks best, and strive for your own bold look. It’s about using what you’ve got – and topping it all off with a cute scarf, necklace, or hat.

     Men strive for more fitting clothing. When men are fashionable, it is often written off as “gay” for this very reason. Despite this popular belief, it is how clothes are supposed to fit. In the Southern parts of America, people prefer relaxed and loose clothing. Show me a Southern man that doesn’t own at least three pairs of these in his closet, and I’ll give you all the money in my bank account. Dressing well with fitting clothes never killed anybody. It actually is WAY more attractive than a baggy pastel colored polo and that pair of khakis you’ve worn three times this week.

     In addition, I’ve found that most Europeans – men and women alike – adore brands like H&M, which is located in the States, too. It offers people a cheap and affordable way to stay fashionable, and the best part is that H&M collaborates with many “high end” designers, to create ultra fashion-forward apparel at a reasonable price. So, what’s your excuse? 

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