Spending the Day With CrumbSnatchers

Did you all have nice breakfasts? CrumbSnatchers is a Knoxville based, raucous, indie-rock four piece dedicated to people shaking their butts anywhere and everywhere they can. Their wild, rowdy live shows bring high levels of energy to crowds and encourage folks all around to get down!

CrumbSnatchers will be playing tonight in Knoxville, TN with Nashville band Diarrhea Planet, and they will be keeping updates coming with pictures and videos of all the craziness via instagram @AnonMagazine starting around 9pm (EST)… but expect some rambunctious activity to pop up beforehand as well.

CrumbSnatchers are knee deep in recording their first full-length album, which will include the singles: “Reckless Breakfast” and “Declaration”. Check out Declaration here!

After their debut album is complete, CrumbSnatchers will be hitting the road in spring and summer of 2015 for their first nation-wide tour!

A Kickstarter campaign will be starting in the next few weeks to help support CrumbSnatchers in finishing their first full-length album and preparing for tour.  CrumbSnatchers will be offering delicious incentives for fans’ support and will be updating their website with prizes and offers as the Kickstarter draws near.

Send an email to crumbsnatchersband@gmail.com and ask to join our mailing list to keep up with us as we do these things! We want to get wild with you when we come to your town!

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