Skate or Dye: Local Crew Warmly Supports Community With Latest Project

Last year at the onset of the pandemic, three best friends looking to cope with our dauntingly unfamiliar reality, slipped on rollerskates for the first time and began a journey none of them imagined would reach so far. Those of us cheering from the sidelines (via Instagram) watched as they went through the baby steps of learning balance to grow in confident composure. That was not the only thing to catch our attention. One by one new faces joined in on their approach to physically challenge a world at our most terrifying moment. Hangs turned into a collective, the collective became a gang, the gang became the Skater Scouts. Though it may have been far from their intention when taking fall after fall just to make a circle around a parking lot, Tori Egbert, Madi Anderson, and Amber Harridge have been inspiring people to show through actions how to find confidence in yourself as an individual while drawing strength through the people you surround yourself with.

Positivity through newfound friends, strengthened bonds with old ones, killing it on everything made out of concrete and coping around town; these alone would be enough for most of us to feel content with what the Skater Scouts have formed. Yet continually they look at bettering their community by helping those who are afraid or held back from factors both internal and/or external to find a supportive welcoming path to be a part of this experience they love. Their latest endeavor is as bold as it is beautiful. Skate or Dye is handcrafting tie-dye shirts where all profits,

will go directly to getting local skaters the gear that they need to succeed. Can’t afford a helmet? We got you. Need some laces? No problem. Shatter your knee pad at the skate park and can’t afford a new pair? No worries. Our goal is to have a fund readily available to get you skating safely again, without stress! Additionally, 20% of our profits will be going to @safeatx, an organization in Austin, TX that provides victims of abuse with the resources they need to heal. SAFE holds a special place in each of our hearts and we’re happy to be in a space where we can start to give back a fraction of the love and support they’ve provided to us.

As if we needed a better reason to grab one of these shirts. They were cool as hell in the first place, to help a couple of badasses share their shaped passions in such a warming way is too much! The shirts start at $35. They are only available until April 15th and will be individually made to order.

Those of you unfamiliar with their skating may recognize Madi and Tori from other Anon projects in the past. They worked collectively on our Bloom” feature with Oddball Vintage. Madi did the makeup for those who visited our photo booth at the Down Under Benefit for the Australian wildfires at Barracuda (RIP) put on by Penny Loafer PR and Side One Track One.

Follow Skater Scouts on Insta, slip on a pair of skates and sweat it out with them in real life, further support a community that helped lift so many through a scary time!

Skater Scouts – Instagram | Shirt Pre-Orders





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