Photography: Angel Olsen at The Mohawk

020717-AngelOlsen-Mohawk-008Photography by Ismael Quintanilla III


This past Tuesday we managed to pull some strings in order to see the (second) sold out Angel Olsen show at the Mohawk in Austin, Texas. Everybody’s been gushing about her latest album, My Woman, as well as her live performances. So naturally we had to see what all of the buzz was about. What we experienced was honestly something like no other – a truly impeccable live performance..

Her voice was like the lovechild of Gwen Stefani and Loretta Lynn, a sweet mixture you never really thought you needed until now. She brings a bit of grungy lo-fi with tasty twang to her songs, creating a refreshing combination that could make your ears melt in a heartbeat. Her long drawn-out crooning on songs such as “Heart Shaped Face” and “Sister” draws on her sweet folk-y past, especially in comparison with her more upbeat pop songs like the now notorious “Shut Up Kiss Me”. Their stylistic factor was top notch with her band donning matching teddy boy inspired outfits, adding a nice visual touch to their mind-blowing stage presence. Their encore performance left her audience in a state of tranquility; however, the best part of the night was definitely when she and her band performed “Not Gonna Kill You”; it was raw, packed with emotion, and beautifully performed by everyone involved.








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