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Not sure what to get for your friends or family for Christmas this year? Sure, there are all sorts of bargains and coupons and nonsense, but this year we think it’s time to start putting our money towards something more deserving, which is why we’re going local this Christmas. Mom and Pop shops are the ones who put in the time and effort, so why not help them out? It is the season of giving or whatever, right? So give back to your local shops and let them know they’ve got your support!


Goat Haus Dairy


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Goat Haus Dairy has been one of my favorite finds here in Texas because Becky, the owner, has put in so much dedication towards creating the perfect products. Seriously. And despite the brand’s growing popularity, she still makes everything by hand. The brand features a wide variety of bath and body products ranging from chapstick to bath melts, all of which are made with milk from the goats at Becky’s goat farm. Goat’s milk has some serious nourishing power, so every product from Goat Haus leaves you feeling hella soft (which is why we’re obsessed with it). Not only that, but the prices are incredibly reasonable, which makes it perfect for giving as gifts!

Our favorite product: It’s hard to choose just one, so we’re going to call this a tie: the Goat’s Milk Bath Melts are to die for, especially being only $2.50 (!!!) each, but the Nanny’s Therapeutic Cream really knows how to heal aching joints and muscles. So since they’re super affordable, you might as well get both.


Wandering Flamingo Vintage


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Wandering Flamingo Vintage, based in good ol’ Bryan, TX, really knows how to do vintage, and do it well. At only a year old, this killer vintage shop has really made a name for itself. The shop carries everything from vintage cowboy boots to 1950’s Celluloid jewelry to 70’s bellbottoms and more! If you’re not able to stop by the shop in person, that’s okay! Nikki, the owner, offers many of the items in her store on Etsy! Aside from carrying truly awesome vintage pieces, the prices at this store are incredibly affordable. 1960’s sunglasses for $12? You can’t beat that. This store is the perfect place to find something one of a kind for that friend who’s really one of a kind.

Our favorite product: Again, it’s tough to pick just one item, but I’d have to say the vintage winter coat selection is off the wall this year. Especially the Penny Lane-esque fur coats.


Simpson Soap Co.


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Although we already mentioned one bomb ass bath and body brand, there’s no way we could go without mentioning this one. Simpson Soap Co. has set a new bar for the bath product industry with each and every product being handmade with only the finest organic and vegan ingredients. So far, the company only has a few items to choose from, but as the brand continues to grow and gain popularity, new products will be added. What makes Simpson Soap Co.’s products so perfect for Christmas is that there’s something for everybody – beard oil for the fellas, body butter for the ladies, and soaps of all sorts for any and everyone! And, if you haven’t already caught onto the theme with the aforementioned companies, this stuff is CHEAP, which we’re all about!

Our favorite product: The lavender soap, hands down. The lavender used in the soap actually comes from Luke’s (the owner) aunt’s home in Detroit! And it’s $5, which is perfect.




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If you know any shoe lovers out there, this might just be the place to get their present. Goldenponies, a handmade shoe brand out of Mexico, has dozens of styles of shoes and bags to choose from, all of which are for sale on their Etsy. The company boasts some amazing styles made with truly neat materials, and the best part is – everything is made to order AND just about everything can be customized. Whether you’re shopping for a glittery 60’s ‘Biba’ inspired shoe type of gal, or a patent leather oxford type, this place has got it all to suit any type of shoe gal. And for being handmade and customizable, the prices are honestly such a steal.

Our favorite product: Navy Blue Glitter Biba Mary Janes. We’re in love. You get the classic 60’s style you love WHILE ALSO HAVING GLITTER. Uh, yes please.


The Burlap Bag


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Located near the University of Texas campus, The Burlap Bag is a cute little shop full of all sorts of different handmade goods – candles, jewelry, home goods, knick knacks….they literally have it all. There’s so much in store, you could probably find gifts for everyone on your list. And because everything was handmade with love by various artists, you know you’re investing in some quality shit. I mean, just their candle selection is great, and there’s a scent to describe everyone: ‘Grandpa’, ‘Crazy Cat Lady’, ‘King of Farts’ – they all just sound so perfect, and it lets your friends and fam know how you really feel about them (just kidding). But really, the candles alone are worth shopping here for. Can you get a Walmart candle called ‘King of Farts’? No? Exactly.

Our favorite product: The candles, obvi.




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This is hands down my favorite boutique in town. SoLa offers a wide variety of styles and jewelry without having to break bank on an outfit. They’re the first retailer in Austin, TX, to offer TOMS, a brand that gives a pair of new shoes to children in need with every pair of TOMS purchased in store. Their inventory is constantly fluctuating so you never know what you may find when you pop in! Give the gift of a SoLa giftcard or ask one of their (free) personal stylists what may work for that fashionista in your life.


Antonelli’s Cheese Shop


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John and Kendall Antonelli started Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Austin’s historic Hyde Park neighborhood after pursuing their passion for all things cheese. Allowing customers to come in and taste a variety of samples before picking their favorites, Antonelli’s is a local company that makes you feel especially welcomed and satisfied before picking out exactly what it is you’re looking for. The staff is always incredibly knowledgeable and I always go home wishing I had bought just a little extra to go. They also provide a wide selection of chocolates, wines, crackers, and other tasty morsels to go along with your cheese goods. Antonelli’s provides gift basket ideas, gift cards, as well as offers cheese courses for that someone in your life that’s obsessed with everything cheese.


Feto Soap


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Feto Soap, owned and operated by Lisa Chouinard, provides high quality bath and body products from the likes of handmade soaps, lip balms, and perfume. She provides one-on-one soap-making lessons and parties, allowing customers to make their own soap in-class and at home, while learning how to formulate, color, scent and package your own soaps. Couinard also creates seasonal gift items (peppermint essential oil sugar scrub, anyone?) and gift certificates for those craving a little pampering this season.


Austin Books & Comics


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Indulging comic book lovers since 1977, Austin Books & Comics is hands down the best comic book shop I’ve ever set foot in. If you’re looking for a particular comic, trade, or graphic novel, this is the place to find it with Austin Books & Comics’ accommodating and informed staff. The shop’s layout is well-organized, providing the most recent trades and indie comics out there on the market. If you’re looking to pick up an extra something for that comic book lover in your life, you can also visit The Sidekick Store, Guzu Gallery, and Outlaw Moon for discount comics, collectible toys, artwork and board games, all right around the corner! Austin Books & Comics also provides gift cards for any denomination $5 or more and to be used in any of their stores on the block.




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Founded in 2011, Atown is home to over a hundred local artists and designers residing in Austin, TX. The shop provides a means for all your holiday shopping needs, from the likes of men’s fashion, jewelry, skin and hair care, toys, and home décor. Truly a Pandora’s box, you never know what you may find in this one-stop shop. Atown is also known to provide snacks (homemade chocolate cookies, yes!) to customers while shopping, making their clientele feel truly welcomed. If you’re shopping with multiple loved ones in mind, you’ll surely walk out of Atown satisfied with your purchases.


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