Shenandoah Davis’ “The Wings” Music Video

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Despite the ephemeral nature of music, Shenandoah Davis‘ 2017 album Souvenirs feels like a distinguished and intimate  keepsake you want to hold dear. With unabashed lyrics and vulnerable introspection, Davis perfects the art of honing in on subtle yet significant moments and memories that ring a universal truth within all of us. Opening Souvenirs is “The Wings”, coincidentally the first track she wrote for the album. Directed by Benjamin Violet, the music video uses stop motion animation to encapsulate a vibrant, surreal world of starkly sketched characters with striking expressions amidst a colorful and vivid background. Davis’ magnificent voice and orchestral arrangements paint a near tangible narrative of fleeting confessions, her lyrics underlying the broad understanding that life never perfectly concludes but one’s hopes and dreams are inescapable and what linger long after the story ends. Like a children’s book that you can’t bear to put down, “The Wings” captures a multi-layered magical and mystical essence with Davis’ final sentiment being  “[y]ou’ve seen the barest of me / I hope you’ve taken it to heart”.



Based in Seattle, Shenandoah Davis is no stranger to touring and venturing from continent to continent. Wrapping up a recent tour in New Zealand, she’s making her way to Texas to play a brief run of shows starting tonight until February 18th. You can catch her tonight in San Antonio with Polly Anna, Friday night in Austin at Cheer Up Charlies with Robby, TØMA, alexalone, Saturday night in Dallas at Double Wide with Pandroid (members of the Polyphonic Spree) and Sunday night in Denton at Dan’s Silverleaf with Starfruit. Based out of Austin, indie-pop trio ANDY will be accompanying Shenandoah on all her Texas tour dates.


Trish Connelly is the Austin-based guru who does booking & promoting at Cheer Up Charlies under The Nothing Song. She’s always down to collaborate and plan an event in town. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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