Shark Rider Premiere: “I’ve Arrived”

Director/Designer: Brittany Ingram
Cinematography: Bongani Mlambo
Assistant Director: Ima Leupp
Production Assistant: Nicole Nelson
Photographer: John Allen
Hair: Kate Leatherwood
Makeup: Whitney Alexis Parrish
Styling: Brittany Ingram and Kate Leatherwood
Sunglasses: SoLa Style
Models: Kate Leatherwood, Gabby Garcia, Nicky Turner, Alisha Revel


It’s summertime in this all out retro story of poolside love and summer seduction. Shark Rider’s new single “I’ve Arrived” has a funky 50’s sound that reverberates with the likes of surf rock. Director/Designer, Brittany Ingram, was inspired by a 50’s theme. She implemented bright splashes of color throughout the set as well as on the models, and retro swimsuits brought it all together. The video was shot in Austin, TX on super 8 film, which also plays a role in the story with bassist John Aldridge, flirting and filming on a super 8 hand crank camera. The idea of John having the camera as a prop came first, then Director of Photography, Bongani Mlambo, decided to shoot the whole video on super 8 playing in on the retro vibe. Flirtation, seduction and jealousy all have a hand in this story — enjoy it in all of its super 8 glory!




SR Music Video-11


SR Music Video-17


SR Music Video-20


SR Music Video-18


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SR Music Video-16


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