Shana Falana Takeover!




Spanning across the last twenty years, Shana Falana started in 1995 out of the DIY scene in San Francisco. Eight years later, Falana left California to move to New York to pursue her own music career in the Brooklyn music scene. Upon meeting drummer Mike Amari over their mutual love for Bauhaus, the visionary powerhouse duo set off on tour shortly after. With the release of their 2015 album off Team Love Records, Set Your Lightning Fire Free, Falana ingeniously crafts a record filled with ten uplifting and experimental tracks. As the album title suggests, Falana tears down preconceived notions of any so-called rules while making this album, and ventures into unexplored territory meshing a vast array of genres and sounds, successfully pushing the limits of her creativity into a single song. Amari takes full rein on writing his drum parts, and together the pair embrace their musical collaboration. Set Your Lightning Fire Free was recorded in just a week’s time at ISOKON studios with producer Dan Goodwin. Falana recorded wherever she could find the time and space, including vocals for tracks “That Girl” and “Know Ur Mine” in a little girl’s room facing all her stuffed animals during one of her house painting gigs.





Shana Falana are working on their new LP this winter and hope to tour Europe again in 2016. When asked what advice she has for aspiring musicians, she emphasizes the fact that “[t]here’s no end result. It’s all about the process. You have to enjoy the process otherwise you’re miserable.” Continually practicing self-care and being upfront about what her individual and band goals are, Shana Falana reminds us that honesty is key, and with hard work and determination there’s a scene even within our own community just waiting to be explored and carved out.


Follow us on Instagram @anonmag for Shana Falana’s takeover tomorow! They’ll be playing a Beat Happening Tribute Show at Cheer Up Charlies in Austin, TX — you can click here to RSVP and find out more information. You can also catch them live on Monday, November 23rd at K23 in San Antonio for the last stretch of their tour.




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