Senioritis: The Disease That Is Plaguing My Life

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Senioritis: It’s a Thing.

Letterman jackets, lunch table cliques, Friday night football games, ditching seventh period just because – these are just a few of the things that remind me of high school. And then there’s Senior year, which is an entirely different story. I don’t know about you (but I’m feelin’ twent- …no? okay, sorry), but when I think about senior year of high school, I think of one thing – senioritis.


This sneaky little guy caught like wild fire at my high school. Teachers practically had to pull teeth to get seniors to come to class and turn in work; I pretty much didn’t put in any effort at all when it came to school. Seniors were too preoccupied with ideas of life after high school, new opportunities, places to see, people to meet, and so on and so forth. Almost everyone would agree that senioritis, in some way, shape, or form, affected them senior year. So, it was no surprise when it took hold of me in high school. But what I did not expect was for it to hit me now… in my senior year of college.


Only now it’s different. In high school, I knew that I was still going to be able to depend on my parents in various ways when I went off to college. I looked at college as the bridge between my adolescence and adulthood. They [my parents] promised to do all that they could to help me financially in college; I was still on their insurance, could still call them if problems arose, and could expect care packages in the mail regularly. But, now, the bridge has been crossed and my senior year of college has finally arrived *ugh*. This is my last year to not quite be in the real world, and I can already feel the pressure to figure out my place in society, as a fully functioning adult (if that’s not scary, I don’t know what is).




Senioritis in college differs from senioritis in high school in many ways. There’s still that same foul taste that paperwork and tests leave in your mouth, but there’s also a kind of expectation placed upon you. You are expected to finally make the transition into the real world, find internships, buy a pantsuit (ew), and rock those interviews. All this with the hopes of finding a job that will provide you with enough finances to not have to eat Coca Puffs and milk for dinner the rest of your life.


With all of this pressure on college seniors, is there any hope of enjoying your senior year? My answer: yes. But, one has to make somewhat of an effort in order to enjoy it. Yes, there’s a crazy ton of pressure to grow up and put on your big boy pants (or, as I mentioned earlier, pantsuit). Yes, people expect you to find a job and do something productive with your life. Yes, people will pester you about marriage and other grown up topics (no offense, grandpa). However, you can choose to look at this transition into the real world as a time to learn new things, meditate on what you have learned in these past few years, and look forward to the future – even if that future is unknown.


Seniors, I encourage you to take a deep breath, ignore all of those nagging voices telling you that you have to grow up  right this instant (cough cough, dad), and savor the time that you have left. You’re never going to get to experience senior year of college again, so take the time to enjoy it! Remember all of the friends you’ve made, the good times you’ve had, the person you’ve become. In due time, everything else will fall into place.


Your future WILL work itself out, eventually. No, you might not figure it all out before you graduate, and that’s okay. Time is fleeting; so enjoy this stage of your life while you still can!

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