Seed In My Ear: Holy Wave Tour Documentary from Backdive



Combining their love of music and film, Rachel Kichler and Willi Patton created Backdive as a platform to showcase their collaborative documentary work. Inspired by Fugazi’s film The Instrument, Kichler and Patton wanted to encompass ATX-based band Holy Wave’s spirit for living in the moment rather than a perspective of the past. Initially the duo anticipated the band to take the footage for their short documentary, Seed In My Ear, while on the road and later Kichler and Patton would work on editing the film, but instead Backdive decided to embark on tour to Europe and eventually the west coast with the band. What became a last minute road trip turned into a deeper rooted relationship between filmmakers and musicians as well as between individuals and inclusive communities. Capturing live scenes from a multitude of venues, a variety of cultures and featuring unreleased Holy Wave tracks “Habibi,” “How Was I Supposed to Know,” and the epic “Buddhist Pete”, Backdive showcases a band immensely dedicated to their craft and are working hard to continue on the same path to build a body of work that will play like a visual mixtape of bands we can all keep close on our radar.




Holy Wave keeps their DIY ethos close to their heart, whether it’s learning to be their own mechanic on the road to cut down on tour costs, sharing a wealth of knowledge and bonding with their audience and fellow musicians, or constantly keeping their creative juices flowing in the van. When it comes to writing new material, the band records their tracks in a built-in homemade studio, finding that recording in a more professional or delayed setting “loses the initial soul of the song”. Peppered throughout the documentary, Holy Wave constantly questions tour life vs life back at home and how perhaps that lifestyle and personal struggle is what separates notable artists from the coasting ones. What shines at the end of the film isn’t the mindset that each member fends strictly for himself, but rather viewing the five individuals as a cohesive entity and being part of something in this life that’s bigger than you alone.




Holy Wave returns from their east coast tour on Saturday, November 26th at Barracuda in Austin, TX — you can catch them as well as other local favorites Molly Burch, Troller, The Rotten Mangos, Angry Beige and more on two stages. Find out more about the show and purchase tickets to the show here.





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