Scatter Factory LP Blends Motorik Electronica With Ambient Bliss

Scatter Factory


When I first heard the name Scatter Factory, the thought that immediately popped into my head is something or someone churning out produce in an uncoordinated not well-thought- out manner. However, the debut album from Scatter Factory (real name Will Foster) is anything but that – it’s calculated, intentional, sincere, and meticulously constructed (like blocks made of different high quality materials). It’s ironic that the lead track from this album should be named ‘Out The Blocks’, but there you have it.



Scatter Factory also gives the association of seeds being scattered to the wind. In this case, sonic seeds that have, thanks to the digital age, even reached us here in America with the flick of a ‘publish’ button (thanks Bandcamp).

From the U.K. comes the debut LP from this artist, which we first heard about a few weeks back upon receiving a nonchalant press release and personal note from Scatter Factory’s publicist about the single “Out The Blocks“. We’d slotted that into our agenda for this week, but now the whole album is out, so we are premiering the whole ‘Scatter Factory’ eponymous album.



Scatter Factory is Will Foster, whose background includes a stint in the pop group Delicatessen and also with Lodger – a 1990s top 40 band. He’s also been heavily involved with music projects for Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler, Martina Topley-Bird (of Tricky fame), Heather Nova, The Fratellis, and Simon Raymonde.



Renowned artist James Marsh created the cover for the new album. You may recall his work from numerous album covers for Talk Talk albums.

The first thing that came to mind when I heard the track ‘Out The Blocks’ is that this sounds like a blend of Bladerunner-era Vangelis and numerous works by Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Very refreshing and highly melodic with prog-infused synth-based space-inspired perfection.


Scatter Factory’s debut album was released July 22 via Flecktone Recordings digitally and on digipack CD. The first single ‘PowWow’ is also a free download.


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