Safety In Numbers: A Collaborative Art Benefit Show

11899898_10153008333565079_52606290413686043_nPhoto collage by Kevin Kurecki


Jessica Nixon’s collaborative community art event, Safety in Numbers, featuring a wide range of visual art, music, performance art and film, will take place this Friday at The Monstrosity in Austin, TX. The intention behind the show is to bring a community together to experience a night of culture in hopes of raising money for SafePlace, a local non-profit organization that seeks to end sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change.


Organizer and curator Nixon has put together community art events in the past, including Pythagoras Discovering the Musical Intervals at Pump Project back in 2012. After graduating from her yoga teacher training she had an unbound ambition to put together another collaborative event, this time around adding the element of a benefit to her show. Nixon chose The Monstrosity as her desired location due to the venue set in a South Austin neighborhood and its welcoming vibe. When asked why she chose to benefit SafePlace, Nixon says, “[t]here are not enough safe havens for those who have found themselves in an abusive situation…. For the ones that do manage to get away it can be rough to find an accommodating place of solace. SafePlace offers shelter, counseling, clothing, food, even schooling and childcare”.


Not only is her event a benefit for an outstanding cause, Safety in Numbers will also feature over 40 artists, musicians, filmmakers, and poets. A couple outstanding artists in attendance at her event will be Tim Kerr, who has maintained roots in the DIY punk scene as a former member of Big Boys and has shared bills with the likes of  Grace Jones, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Fugazi, and Black Flag. He is well known for his culture driven work, and was given a residency through Void Gallery in Derry, Northern Ireland, AS220 in Providence, and I.A.M. in Berlin. You can view his work on his Flickr account.




Also featured will be Brian Phillips a salvaged wood artist who strives in creating vibrant, polished and occasionally abstract work while leaning towards a Southern theme. He also makes customized and personal pieces as well as paintings. You can view more of his work on his website.




 The event will be held at art gallery The Monstrosity, located at 2514 Wilson St, Austin, TX. Admission is $5 – you can donate cash to SafePlace at the door, as well as basic survival gear donations for those that have been affected. Remember that your donations will go a long way. There will also be complimentary catered food by Mmmpanadas, kombucha by Nectar of the Sun, and alcoholic beverages by Beatbox.


You can find out more about the event, performers and artists, and SafePlace on Safety in Number’s Facebook event page.


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