DIY: Runway Eyes

As some of you may know, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, or, what some of you may call “New York Fashion Week,” has just ended. If you were following along like we were, you have all been blown away. Most importantly, I think we are all wanting to know how the hell we can get that look! Though the clothes are typically the most notable part of fashion week, the make up styles are close in the running. I see these looks, and I think that they are so neat. However, I oftentimes find my self thinking, “could I ever wear that in real life?” Runway style is supposed to be over the top and extravagant, and not necessarily something that you can just rock on the streets. However, I’m here to tell you that you can. 

My first favorite was the eye make up design on the models for Chanel’s Haute Couture S/S line. They went with a dramatic take on the traditional smokey eye, using texture to create a true look of uniqueness. How did they achieve this look? Small bits of black mesh and feathers were added towards the outer eye, while black cream eyeliner was added around the entire eye, also covering the eyelid.


To achieve a look like this for everyday wear, try such cosmetics as Stila’s Smudge Pot in ‘Black Cat,’ which usually runs about $20, and can be found at places like Sephora and Ulta. With this product, use an angled or small pointed brush to go around the entire rim of your eye. Next, using your finger, carefully smudge the black on your eyelid while trying to stay strictly on the lid. From there, choose a charcoal or black (or both) powder eyeshadow to place in the crease of your eye, blending it outward, as to show off your eye shape. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a big cat-eye look, because remember, this is supposed to be a ‘dramatic’ smokey eye. Lastly, if you choose to, feel free to add false feather lashes (which can be found if searching ‘false lashes’ at for that extra UMPH. Well, There you have it, your very own dramatic Chanel Haute Couture smokey eye!


My second favorite look from the runway was that of Atelier Versace Couture S/S line. The models were very natural, but had eyes that really popped. The mix of a traditional smokey eye with a pop of neon was brilliant. This combination added another dimension to eye makeup that has rarely been seen before. Neon eye makeup was a huge staple on the runway this spring season.


For this look, you will want to start out with a few shades of grey: a charcoal, medium grey, and a light grey. For a good, cheap pallette, you could check out the Grey Eye Shadow Quintet by Viva La Diva (found at which costs about $14. Create the usual smokey eye (if you don’t know how to, there’s plenty of tutorials online), and then here’s the fun part: pick a neon color of choice, which can be an eyeshadow, smudge pot, or eyeliner. Whatever your weapon of choice is (W7 Neon Lights Liquid Eyeliner is a great option), apply it to the outer corner of your eye, making a line as you would when doing the cat-eye style. Be sure to follow the lines of your eyes and eye shape for the best results! If you’re daring, add a small ” <  ” shape at the inner corner of your eye with the neon eyeliner for an even more interesting look.


One of the best looks for Fashion Week was the Rose Gold Smokey Eye, as portrayed best on the models for J. Mendel’s S/S line. The look is very natural, and yet very intense at the same time, which is why it’s the perfect look for spring.jmendels:s2013

To start off, you’ll need a pinkish-gold and a rust/copper shades of eyeshadow. Along with that, a clear lip balm (Soap & Glory ‘A Great Kisser’ Lip Balm in Coral would work perfectly- Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why the ____ am I putting lip balm on my eyes?!” Well, once the eyeshadow is in place, the presence of this glossy balm will add a little extra sparkle to your eyes. You only need to put the balm only around the rim of your eye. It may not look too great if your whole eye is covered in glossy goop. First, for the smokey eye portion, you’ll want to put the pinkish-gold shade on your lid, and near the inner corner of your eye, leaving the darker rust/copper shade for the crease of your eye. Under your eye, use a thin eyeliner brush that has been dipped in water to lightly brush the rust/copper shade underneath. This will add that extra ‘drama’ to your eyes. Finally, add the lip balm. With the balm, use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply it around the rim of your eye. On the bottom of your eye, brush downward to extend the color a little.


Lastly, one of the top looks seen at Fashion Week was the thick brow. We all can remember Brooke Shields’ big brows back in the 80’s that took the fashion world by storm. Now, the trend is back, ladies. Today, you can see models like Cara Delevingne bringing back the trend of of the bangin’ brows back to the runway. For Marc Jacobs S/S collection, we saw a neutral face with black Twiggy eyes and big black brows. This neutral and black makeup artistry was done in order to show off the popping colors shown in Marc Jacobs’ line, which is actually a perfect combination to wear with this spring’s bright array of colors.


Now, we all wish we could be Cara Delevigne, but I don’t exactly think that’s in the cards for any of us mere mortals right now. So, in the meantime, we will just have to settle for what we’ve got: ourselves. So, to start, you’ll want to get a smudge stick or eyeshadow stick in black. Try the Stila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Color ($22 at On top, line your eye from the inner corner to the outer corner, making the line get progressively thicker (but not too thick) as you go towards the outer corner of your eye. On the bottom rim of your eye, do the same, but start about mid-eye. On the outer corner, the two lines should meet at a point. Keep in mind, it is okay for the lines to be slightly smudged! Okay, here’s the tricky part: turning this eye into a ‘Twiggy eye.’ Again, start towards the inner corner of your eye (but not directly on the corner), and draw a thin line along the crease of your eye. To do this, it may be easier to keep your eye slightly open. Finally, we have the big bangin’ brows. Start out by filling in your brow with the smudge stick, then progressively give it shape until you feel satisfied with the final product. Then, do it again…because you have two eyebrows. (duh)


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