Rmblr: New Album | New Video | Let’s Party!


New Album | New Video | Let’s Party!

by Jay Armstrong

Even if writing this is a waste of time—being one of the only Rmblr fans who can read and all—to not hype this noise would earn my getting kicked straight off the block. Before getting into it though, those in the “don’t read so good” category deserve some sorta bone thrown their way for the effort of catching this page on their own so here is a quick little collection of seventies hot shots worth wetting that ole wind whistler for.

It would probably be worth throwing in a few words about Chase Tail and the collection of notables he ropes in on this project; how we got here; why Rmblr was tuff, is tuff, will forever be tuff but I got other things on my mind; you know how search engines work; brush up on why everyone in the game worth their sweat respects this band on your own time.

Rmblr’s songs aren’t crumbs for us to lick up, they are goddamn gutter glitter of the finest degree lifting us for a moment to ride on as though we live beside them. Cool. Precise. Inventive. Familiar….there are better words for expressing how great “Main Muscle” sounds. They would only further the feeling that this is not a band to write reviews about. They are beyond anything I have to offer trying to convince strangers they are blowing it not dropping this band directly into their eyeballs. You either get them or you don’t; pretending those in the know wouldn’t already be three steps ahead on memorizing this noise note for note just makes me look desperate. Not like I have any pride or dignity left worth salvaging in the first place so here I am chopping away with their video looped in the background. Hoping osmotically I might channel what this video embodies to somehow pull you up to the level they have got me floating on is done out of the ethos that’s been dragging my bones out of the house into a better life since I was old enough to skip class, the ethos that if we aren’t leading others to this good timing fountain of youth we drink from one phenomenal chorus at a time then we are missing completely how much each of those sips has saved us from the slow death of factory jobs as misunderstood islands left alone in nowhere towns. We didn’t deserve the salvation of rock n roll, if these sad sacks wanna keep drowning in dull mediocrity that is on them, I tried paying it forward.

Seeing how everyone we rub shoulders with is now vaxxed to the max (outside of those few unfortunate friends whose health won’t allow it) we are finally ready to party again. Catching our favorite bands at our favorite spots now feels like we are bright-eyed alive in a way that can only be compared to those house shows where we first felt the hand of god light us on fire with a Rat distortion pedal years ago. No one could rekindle us more than Rmblr. “Main Muscle” is a boot toe to the ash awakening the phoenix. The timing of this video’s release is practically a call to arms in the battle to reawaken the wilder side of our souls. Enough of the zen calm existence; those days can be tucked away for a little while longer.

A little added bump is Spaghetty Town Records dropping twenty nearly impossible to come by copies of Rmblr’s MF EP today. Maybe if you woke up early enough to read this article when it first goes live you still have a shot at owning your own piece of history. The only thing better would be hearing this band is hitting the streets soon and heading straight for Austin. No need to press my luck getting hopes up but it never hurt to dream a little.

Seriously though, “Main Muscle” is perfect. Jarrett Barnes directed the video and shows with some minor effects and tediously perfect overlays that one can sell a brand to an audience in a way the corporate hacks throwing money at an idea could never pull off. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, seek out his photography; he encapsulates moments that seemingly sell us on the possibility he is drawn to the right place at the right time with a second nature naturalness of impressive and unparalleled ease.

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  • Demonic Sweaters

    Well it might not be groundbreaking, but at least it’s energetic. I’ve been sifting through blogs for an hour now and this is the first thing I’ve come across that didn’t sound like everyone was on Ambien, haha. Catchy tune too.

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