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Lazy Legs – “Ghost”


Based out of Chicago, Lazy Legs lo-fi reverb-filled noise brings their listener back to the early days of My Bloody Valentine and early 90’s shoegaze. Included on their upcoming self-titled EP off cassette tape label and blog Wild Patterns, the band’s single for “Ghost” haunts you with barely-there instrumentals and just as soon kicks off with Michael Tenzer’s crunchy guitar riffs and Laura Wagner’s hazy ethereal vocals, blending flawlessly back and forth in the background and to the forefront. Wagner’s enigmatic lyrics make “Ghost” that of a romantic and dreamy tune, an introspective track perfectly paired for its winter release in January. True to its name, “Ghost” creeps steadily upon you and continues to linger in your mind long after the track has played. “Ghost” can be streamed and downloaded for free on Lazy Legs’ Bandcamp and SoundCloud.




Best Friend – “Untitled”


A companion piece to Best Friend’s track for “Flowers”, “Untitled” is three minutes of dream-pop sensibilities flowing effortlessly from start to finish. Their recently released single is laden with swirling soundscapes and breathy vocals, a dreamy up-tempo track with rippling, percussive beats. Rather than being stifled into any single genre, “Untitled” brims with promise and possibilities, giving us much to look forward to with more new music to come from Best Friend on the horizon. If you reside in or near Nashville be sure to catch an upcoming live show of theirs, and in the meantime you can stream their track on SoundCloud and follow them on Facebook.




Your Friend – “Heathering”

Continuing with a streak of personal band names, Your Friend’s track for “Heathering” is an honest and meditative aural experience, reflecting on the dualities of human nature and what causal effect we have upon others. Your Friend is Taryn Miller, who in 2014 achieved many firsts, including touring and recording her album, Jekyll/Hyde. Determined to evolve with her next record, Miller contemplated her current struggles and place in life, as well as harnessed sonic nostalgia by capturing familiar sounds from her childhood landscape to include on her album. A somber and brooding track, “Heathering” swells the senses into a place that’s dark yet pensive, letting the quiet take hold despite the surrounding cinematic textures. The guitar sample in the opening of “Heathering” is playfully deliberate; a intimate addition to the first track of her upcoming album Gumption, due out in January 2016. You can stream “Heathering” on SoundCloud as well as follow Miller’s musical project on Facebook.



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