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Kane Strang – “Things Are Never Simple”


Kane Strang’s debut album, Blue Cheese, was recorded in solitude in Strang’s hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand while house-sitting for his parents. His second track off his upcoming album, “Things Are Never Simple”, is poppy and animated, complete with bouncy guitar riffs and snapping drum beats. The track’s title is repeated throughout, each word enunciated and delivered with sincerity. Despite the repetition and seeming simplicity of Strang’s lyrics, there are certainly more layers to uncover and more than meets the ear upon first listen. Blue Cheese is due out on February 26th on Ba Da Bing Records – you can preorder the album here if you live in the states or on Flying Out here if you live in New Zealand. Be on the lookout for Kane Strang’s upcoming US tour dates later in 2016.



Cosmic Clouds – “Beach Flowers”


True to its name, Cosmic Clouds new single, “Beach Flowers”, gives the listener the sensation of being blasted into space in the digital age, full of atmospheric ambiance and near palpable chill tendencies. “Beach Flowers” captures underlying electro-grit with simultaneously overlapping dreamy effects. Cosmic Clouds album [headmaze] will be released on February 19th off of local cassette tape label Ghostspace Records on Friday, February 19th. You can pre-order Cosmic Cloud’s upcoming album [headmaze] on limited edition yellow cassette (including a digital download and bonus track found only on the tape) or on digital download upon its release on Bandcamp.



Soft Lashes – “Touch Me”


Michael Tenzer’s solo project, Soft Lashes, immediately brings back a nostalgic rush of 80’s post punk and dreamwave. Filled with romantic dream-pop sensibilities, Tenzer’s single for “Touch Me” is a dizzying whirl of thick bass lines and blissful, floating vocals. A transition from his old project, Dream Bear, Soft Lashes came together as a solidified aim to incorporate his love for shimmery and reverb-filled 80’s pop. His new EP, Caressed, is available on vaporwave label, DMT Tapes FL, and at no cost to download on Bandcamp. You can also keep updated with Soft Lashes on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.



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