Review: Sidewave’s Glass Giant Is a Welcoming Homage to 90’s Space-Rock



Just when you think 90’s bands like Hum and Stone Temple Pilots have lost their stronghold in this day and age, think again. Sidewave, stemming from high-school friendships and stumbled across Craigslist ads, blends experimental textures, heavy percussion with melodic guitar, and the result is a phenomenal throwback to 90’s space-rock while still maintaining a fresh perspective and sound. With all four band members currently residing in California, Sidewave is gearing up for their first U.S. tour after the release of their upcoming album, Glass Giant, due out on October 5th. Already having opened for renowned acts from The Life and Times and ÆGES, Sidewave has emerged as a distinct force yet appealing to the musical masses.


Glass Giant opens with their track for “Grounded”, an immediate nostalgic pull towards alternative-rock and a welcoming homage that embraces the fact that space-rock still has a steady stance in the current music scene. Throughout the album, Sidewave maintains heavy-hitting percussion from Dickert, plenty of reverb and melodic dissonance from guitarist Collins, and Golyshko’s euphoric vocals add a transcendent experience to each track, drawing forth a boundless alternate universe for the listener.



Their single for “Supersonic” establishes the band’s dynamic textures in combination with Golyshko’s airy vocals, a powerful and spacey track from start to finish. Sidewave’s lyrics are intentionally atmospheric and ambiguous, preferring to be left up to one’s interpretation rather than straight-forward and grounded storytelling. The band succeeds in taking universal themes such as human relationships and in joint adds elements of aural and intangible matter to their lyrics. Upon first listen some of Sidewave’s tracks begin to blend into the next, yet Glass Giant is still a tenacious and fearless work, coming together from the band’s love of 90’s alternative music and an undeniably strong musical vision.


Be on the lookout for Sidewave’s music video for “Pines” in the next few days. You can also keep updated with the band on their website, Facebook and Bandcamp pages.


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