Release Day: Routine Death’s Parallel Universes



Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden and Austin, Texas, married couple Dustin (of psych-pop outfit Holy Wave) and Lisa Zozaya’s newly crafted project Routine Death feels anything but conventional. Their debut album Parallel Universes is out today and features a distinct soundscape of both the gritty and the ethereal, an array of glitching pulses intertwined with expansive and invigorating vocals. Separated by 7,000 miles, Lisa and Dustin constructed each track by constantly sending pieces back and forth online, adding on textural elements and allowing each song to mature and thrive. However within this process came self-prescribed constraints, infusing lo-fi programs and inexpensive equipment to develop their sound down to their bare essentials, an intentional act of minimalism that still lends Parallel Universes an immensity of layers for their listeners to explore. Their music video by Austin’s Drip//Cuts for “Parallel Universe” provokes a fuzzy and atmospheric electronic haze with black and white visuals that seem to stretch beyond their limited confines, Lisa’s vocals rendered stark and gripping when you least expect it. Despite their physical barriers, the duo succeeds in projecting an unwavering creative process, fusing together an intimacy unbounded by geographical location. You can purchase their album off Fuzz Club Records here.



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