6 Things That Change After Your 1 Year Anniversary


When you first start dating someone, it’s a really exciting thing. You’re all like “wow, this person is so interesting and funny and just totally different,” and all that jazz that comes along with infatuation. This changes, ladies and gentlemen. This changes a whole lot. those feelings in the beginning are all fluffy kittens and puppies and kissing and all that, but once you hit that golden year mark, things get a little bit more…real. So judging from my personal experience, here’s five things that change once you hit that “milestone”


1: You become WAY more comfortable

Before the year mark: ok, before you two have been together for a long time, your boyfriend is always going to make sure he puts on deodorant before he sees you, brush his teeth and use mouthwash twice, and always make sure he looks ok. Same with the girlfriend. She is always going to freak out before you come over and rush to fix her hair and make sure her makeup looks good, and put on a shirt that makes her boobs look twice as big as they really are.

After the year mark: you can kiss all of that preparation out of the window. Your boyfriend doesn’t care if he smells like sweat and beer; he will come and see you. Hell, he will even start farting in front of you which he would have never dared to do before this time. Your girlfriend will stop wearing makeup, stop doing her hair, and probably start wearing leggings as pants.

2: You don’t have to always be doing something

Before the year mark: when you two first started dating, your guy always had a date planned. ya’ll were going to go ice-skating and a movie every weekend, and always have some sort of activity planned. I think this was mainly to avoid awkward silence and the uncertainty of whether you two should make out or not. A distraction, if you will.

After the year mark: man, after you guys have been together for a year, you don’t have to do a damn thing! You can sit on a couch and eat pretzels all day and you both are perfectly fine with that. You both realize that you don’t have to be doing something to have fun; you simply enjoy each other’s company. How sweet is that?

3: He stops paying for everything

Before the year mark: the man pays for every little thing a girl could want. Dinner, movie, frozen yogurt, a Christmas tree, a fridge, a puppy, groceries, the list goes on and on. Whatever his women needed, he would be willing to buy.

After the year mark:  honey, you can start paying for crap yourself. You have your own money. Anyway, you can actually start paying for him sometimes. (My boyfriend and I switch off when it comes to movies and such). After you two have been together for that long, you need to start pitching in. your man isn’t made of money! (Unless he is. if you are dating a rich guy then he can pay for your stuff even after you two break up)

4: You start using “we” a lot

Before the year mark: you were two people in a relationship, nothing else. Not serious, just a casual dating thing where you both happened to really like each other. it was “he and she” or “you and I”

After the year mark: you both mesh into a “we”. We are going to go camping, we love pizza, we have finals tomorrow, we go to the bathroom, we we we we we. It’s like word vomit. (I didn’t even realize I did it until someone pointed it out to me.) Something happens after you reach that point, and it’s not just you and him, or she and he, you become “we”.

5: You start to have “spats”

Before the year mark: you two never fought. About ANYTHING. You always made sure of it. It was always rainbows and smiles and compromise and everything non-confrontational.

After the year mark: you will have the stupidest arguments of your life after this. And about everything on this earth. I once had an argument with my boyfriend about how to make tea. TEA! Like, really, who cares? It will most likely never be a serious argument, but a bunch of little ones that you should be embarrassed of. Examples: which shelf the cereal box should be placed on, which chicken place is better in town, coffee pots, the best kind of weather…etc… All really dumb stuff to argue about, but I promise you that you will, in fact, argue about chicken.

6: You say “I love you”

Before the year mark: in general, I love you was always taboo. You didn’t want to be that couples that said it in the first month, or too soon because that just makes you look like crazy psycho teenagers or something. You always tip toed around the phrase and choked it down as far as it would go. And then if you almost slipped up, you would just get angry with yourself and scold your inner conscience (hopefully not out loud).

After the year mark: you two love each other. I mean 365 days is a long time to deal with someone if you don’t love them. You realize it, you say it, and then you say it all of the time. It’s really awesome, and makes you feel so much more at ease knowing you both do. (Sorry if that was too cheesy, I promise you will find love someday. or a baby panda. it’s all the same anyway).


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