Raymond & Lane: Season 2, Episodes 5 – 8


Photography by Ashley Purnell


Raymond & Lane have been up to all sorts of crazy adventures – from first drug deals to college flashbacks, this dramatic duo shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to their antics and comedic genius. Having been recently nominated at L.A. Web Fest Awards for “Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series”, actors Matt Cullen & Troy LaPersonerie certainly have what it takes to take them far in the entertainment industry. Be sure to catch episodes 5 – 8 of their second season below!


Season 2, Episode 5: Drug Dealing for Dummies
Starring Portlandia’s Danny Belrose!



Season 2, Episode 6: Danny’s First Drug Deal
Raymond & Lane got Danny prepped and ready in the perfect costume for his very first drug deal.



Season 2, Episode 7: The Birth of a Friendship
Raymond & Lane take you back to a college flashback to when they first met.



Season 2, Episode 8: The Amazing Race Submission Video
Here’s the boys’ submission video to be on The Amazing Race!



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