Raw Paw and Not Gallery Present: CANNED

Looking for weekend plans? We got you covered – Sean Morgan, local Austin artist and painter, will be showcasing his exhibit, CANNED, on September 26th at Not Gallery. Sean received his BFA in Studio Art from The University of Texas and continues to thrive as an artist in Austin’s local community. We interviewed Sean about his art and what you can expect from his show and book release this Friday evening.




What has been your background with art? What mediums do you work with?
I have always been making stuff and once I left high school that started to multiply and then I guess now I’m an artist. I used to run around and write graffiti, so a lot of my line and mark making comes from that; getting ideas out quickly and efficiently. I have worked with many mediums but I consider myself a painter.


How would you describe your art?
Sometimes I make [art] on paper, sometimes on canvas, or maybe just on something flat and rigid. Usually I use red or green, sometimes blue or yellow, maybe purple… but probably not though. Mostly orange and white, black and yellow sometimes, actually a lot of times, turquoise. I used glitter once, didn’t like it.




How did you get involved with Raw Paw?
The people involved with Raw Paw have been my friends for the past four years so I have always been a content contributor and a general helping hand. I proposed a loose book idea to some Raw Paw friends over a year ago and then CANNED is what I have been doing since.


Your exhibit, CANNED, is “… a tale of stagnation and initiative where penthouse residing ‘tower people’ live above bottom-feeding ‘can collectors”. Can you tell us a little more about this idea? Where did you get your inspiration for CANNED from?
CANNED is a narrative satire based on my experience as a valet at a high-end residential building. The book and body of work witness the interaction between people living in these residential condos and those who dwell around it, specifically dumpster divers. The dumpster diving ‘can collectors’ rummage through these enormous recycling dumpsters, fishing out bottles and cans to redeem them for cash and the residents hate it. The book is all about this dynamic, from my perspective as a strange middle-man. And I get fired in the end, I think.


Not only will this be an art show , but a book release as well. What will your book release feature?
This art show, in pretty typical Raw Paw fashion, will be accompanied by a book release. Only about 35% of the CANNED series will be included the book, so in addition to showcasing the original works, the art show will reveal a bit more. We hope this will lead people to craft preludes, epilogues, or entire chapters in their mind’s eye to supplement the book.




CANNED will open on September 26th at Not Gallery at 5305 Bolm Road, Studio 8.
You can RSVP on Facebook and find out more about Sean Morgan’s art on his website.

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