Electro Radar: Russ Chimes

Europe is on fire. The electronic music scene emanating out of France and England is simply unstoppable, and riding the wave is London-based producer Russ Chimes. The vintage eighties sytnhs mixed with the dynamite electro-house style has the 25 year old churning out hard-hitting tracks left and right. Similar to Justin Faust, Anoraak, and The Outrunners, Chimes’ addictive style and undeniable artistic skill (he was recently signed to the major dance label Positivia) is truly demonstrated by his unique, Daft Punk-esque electro-funk/disco vibe. ¬†With the release of his debut EP “Midnight Club” back in 2010 to positive critical and public acclaim, Russ Chimes showed music lovers foreign to the genre that disco is making a come back and, fused with glorious house, is as much an art form as any other genre out there.

The three songs on “Midnight Club” in reality form a trilogy in the form of their corresponding music videos, telling the story of a man who had his girlfriend taken from him (kidnapped) and the ensuing struggle where- well, I won’t spoil the ending, go check it out on YouTube! The point I’m getting at is when seemingly unrelated tracks come together to form a story that is able to evoke the deepest emotions – feelings of heartbreaking failure and guilt, raw love and devotion, and absolute retribution – it is a truly inspiring experience and art form. In the recent times since his enchanting debut, Russ Chimes has been hard at work in the remix scene and delivering another EP and single titled “Turn Me Out.” The track wastes no time showcasing his dynamic electro-funk style, opening with a rad eighties-style synth beat and evolving into a monster tune that I know is going to dominate many fans’ summer playlist.¬†Keep Russ Chimes on your radar because “Turn Me Out” is due to drop May 20th, and is going to be the next best thing since Kavinsky’s “OutRun” back in February.


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