Punk Rock Aerobics by Hilken Mancini

If ever that has been a chance to recognize the vital importance creatives have for our wellbeing it is this quarantine. Artists have stepped up to make our lives better, to shine the light in the directions we can walk to lift our heads out of the negative and the mundane. What a beautiful reminder of what they mean to our lives. One of our favorites so far is from Hilken Mancini (The Monsieurs/Shepherdess/Fuzzy) whose YouTube page Punk Rock Aerobics mixes a single incredible song talked briefly over with one of the band members who created it and then jumps into a super eighties at home on videocassette spirited workout so authentic even the questions and responses feel as though they climbed out of a time machine from the gloriest days in burnout past.

Personal and the Pizzas are god. Shannon and the Clams are god. Oblivions are god. Gino and the Goons are god’s god. There is a reason all four have been featured on our mixtape Monday playlists multiple times. On the scale of cool and creative, Mancini is cooler and more creative than both of us combined. So strap on your ankle sweatband, run that cassette adapter between your audio output and boombox and let’s get sweating to something your mom’s zoom fitness instructor would never have the spine to do.

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