PREMIERE: Denmark-British Duo Perpacity Release Arise LP

Today is release day for Perpacity. Yes, that’s Perpacity – not capacity – though they indeed are fully capable in their realm of activity – we call it synthpop and it’s a fine offering insofar as that genre goes. Today we are pleased to present the full album stream of this album. There are just over a dozen tracks here, with the highlights for us being the two lead singles ‘9725’ and ‘Vain in a World’, as well as b-side ‘Eternal feat. Nordik Fire’, a folk-electronica tune sure to please any lovers of Mike Oldfield-tinged Celtic bliss.


Vocally Depeche Mode and Erasure, come to mind and sonically overall, Yaz (known as Yazoo in Britain) do have a place here as well. “When we set out to write the new album we agreed on not trying to go for a specific mood, theme or atmosphere for it – that whether a song or a track made the initial cut depended purely on the basis of whether we like it and whether it speaks to us,” says Martin Nyrup.




Bandmates Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup met by chance – not initially through music, but rather through their involvement in the gaming industry. Fortunately, the music came later. The former has been making music since the days of the Commodore 64. They eventually began experimenting and the result is the fruitful trans-border collaboration we know as Perpacity today.

The duo offer up electronic soundscapes that will appeal to lovers of new wave and classic synth pop from the era when Human League and Howard Jones reigned. Alexander Kretov from renowned dream pop duo Ummagma also lent support to this project by mastering the album.

“One of the reasons that Martin and I work well together is that we don’t have the same tastes in music, often quite the opposite,” explains Ian Harling.


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