NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: The Dead Coats – “Forsake My Name”

In the context of growing up, most bands never survive past their terrible twos. All the initial, “we’re gonna be great,” “they’re gonna loves us,” wears off into the realization that playing music takes a near impossible zen level of commitment to do anything with it. Playing great hangout spots and house shows is easy, you just have to find a niche of like-minded friends; avoid sucking and they will immediately love you. Translating that into bringing a crowd for four shows a month in town is near impossible; better yet getting that crowd to show up a thousand miles away in a city you have never heard of, in a state you couldn’t have found on a map to save your life before touring.

Year two, when you realize it takes more time practicing/playing/recording than it does working your dead end, buzz-killing, nine-to-five you sleeplessly stumble through each day just to support playing in the band is when the foundation begins to crack. That is when it becomes apparent who is deluding themselves in denial about it being just a hobby. Year three is when bands become a unit mapping out a way forward within the confines of their own ambitions. You feel their confidence when they walk into a venue, you can see the business side being eeked out as they learn the too much vs. too little balance of having to deal with all those areas of music every person who ever skipped a party to practice an instrument told themselves they would never be a part of. They teach themselves to balance all that goes into being a band outside of just the parts they love. There are a million success stories on the path of rock n roll. No two are alike. While there is no denying a distinct and dramatically few carry a mystique of manifest destiny aura about them, the vast overarching similarity for the majority of bands who go anywhere comes down to unending commitment.

With their soon to be released album Big Wish, the ambitions for The Dead Coats are high as they stand poised in facing this next phase of development boldly. Big Wish will be the first studio album from the band. It was recorded in Austin at The Bubble Studios. Produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith. Dissent Records will be putting out the release. Having grown familiar with their sound, the new single shows a band rounding edges; the growl sharpness of vocals of the past are now bigger, reflecting how the band, in general, is less driven to afront the listener by force, instead choosing to draw you into them. All of this is by design as they take this moment in their development to lean on the basics of their sound so as to spotlight the soil by which their future grows. It is not a stepping back, it is a stepping out. Undoubtedly this will be good for the band as a brand.

Some might see the best move for The Dead Coats was avoiding getting too watered down by the involvement of a notable producer and the daunting environment of a studio having graced the presence of Lemmy Kilmister, The Dandy Warhols, Built to Spill, The Meat Puppets, etc, by choosing to record the album live in a two-day crunch rather than tracking it out in pieces into safe perfection. Notable sure, the move they are making that puts what they value beyond compromise of energy and presence into perspective truly the best though is their choice to release the album by playing it live (à la streaming because, ya know, covid).  Nothing is more Austin than hyping people through an all senses touching experience to sell records. So at 8 pm on January 30th, we will all get to embrace the album in the true tradition of this town; by falling in love with the music in a flashing memory moving us to buy the record and keep that rush of enjoyment tangibly close for revisiting at will. The recordings themselves no doubt will take on hyped life of their own this year but first and foremost they are focusing on presenting it to those already in the fold to be excited about moving forward on the journey together.

Big things are on the way for The Dead Coats. This album will be as valid to where they are headed as all the wild shows and two great releases which came before it. No more and no less. After three years of digging this band, we are excited to bring you the first track from Big Wish, “Forsake My Name.” Tune in to Safehouse on Saturday the 30th to hear the rest!

The Dead Coats- “Forsake My Name:

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