Persistence Pays: The Rich Hands



Finally moving out of the shadows of Black Lips and The Bad Lovers, stepping off in their own definitive direction, The Rich Hands are all grown up and killin’ it better than ever.


There is always a timidness when you play something from a band you have been geeking over for so long and immediately notice a change, especially as drastically different from what we have come to love and expect from these dudes, but when it is as solid and spot on as this first batch of songs what else can we do but appreciate what they gave us before and revel in the damn fine ride they are taking us on at the moment. Imagining “I Can’t Go On” played in a set between “Sugar” and “Teenager” makes me confident they have what it takes to be more than the band we get stoked to see at Hotel Vegas on a Thursday night, these are the kind of songs careers are built upon, this is how a band becomes timeless. Who would have thought a couple of unbathed dudes out of San Antonio could do it so big?



It should most definitely be noted that these tracks were recorded in Austin, TX at Sweetheart Studios and has the Sweetheart mark all over it in the best possible way. Whatever they are doing over there somehow manages to get bands to lean more Doug Sahm and less Burger Records, I’ve yet to hear a band who walks out of there without sounding better than we could ever have imagined. Call it a hunch but I get the feeling they make all of the bands take peyote until they find god as a prerequisite to working with them. Be on the lookout for our interview with a few of those Sweetheart guys in our upcoming ANON Magazine print edition.


As far as we can tell there is yet to be an official date of release or title for the new record, you will know as soon as we do. You can keep updated with The Rich Hands on their Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter.


Jay Armstrong is one of our regular contributors at ANON Magazine. He writes with an honest and knowledgeable voice and runs Heycoolkid!, a means of changing and highlighting good dudes creating unpretentious incredible art that perpetually go unnoticed.



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