Peach Kelli Pop’s Allie Hanlon Interview & Instagram Takeover

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Peach Kelli Pop‘s fourth full length album, Gentle Leader, comes highly anticipated after a three year hiatus. Their first release off Canadian label Mint Records, Peach Kelli Pop founder Allie Hanlon departs from a solo effort to a more complex collaborative process with sisters Gina and Sophie Negrini, and drummer Andrew Bassett of The Mean Jeans. Gentle Leader‘s ten tracks stand strong on their own, incorporating elements of doo-wop, fuzzy lo-fi distortion, hypnotizing and energetic indie-pop, layered with a distinct air of vulnerability and warm intimacy. We had the chance to chat with Allie Hanlon about her recent release, life on the road and what’s next for Peach Kelli Pop. Hanlon is also hosting an Instagram takeover for us while on tour in El Paso today so be sure to follow along for all her captured sights and sounds!


32148296_1925516080816535_8180162508296814592_nPhoto: Rika Tomomatsu


ANON: What drew you towards moving to Los Angeles? Are there aspects of Ottawa you miss that you feel Los Angeles is lacking?

Allie Hanlon: I was drawn to Los Angeles because as an artist, there are many work opportunities. Also, beautiful weather! I miss the sense of community in Ottawa and definitely miss being able to walk and bike everywhere.


ANON: How did Peach Kelli Pop’s relationship with Mint Records come about?

AH: I’ve been a fan of the label for years, and found out through other friends in Canadian bands that they were a great label to work with. I had already finished the Gentle Leader LP and was looking for a label to work with. I wrote them an email and was really excited they wanted to put it out!


ANON: Gentle Leader infuses a greater collaboration with your bandmates compared to prior releases. What has that shift in dynamic felt like? And does the title of the album stem from your role with incorporating a more collaborative effort into the latest release?

AH: It’s been a great experience involving my bandmates and friends. Before I would play nearly every component myself. Having specifically a drummer, bass player, lead guitarist play those parts meant much more efficiency in the studio.
I work with dogs and the Gentle Leader is a type of collar that helps big dogs not pull on the leash during walks. I often feel impatient and excited, like the dogs I’m trying to control.



ANON: Since you’re no stranger to touring in Japan, how does your touring experience there compare to playing shows in the states? Do you have a favorite country to tour in?

AH: Japan is my favorite country to tour in. There’s no tour van – you travel show to show on the train. You have more time during the day to explore. It’s fantastic! The trip ends up feeling like a vacation. I also enjoy tours around the USA and Canada. Logistically, those tours are much easier and more laid back.


ANON: Peach Kelli Pop’s songs come across as both extremely approachable and fun, yet also successfully exude multi-layered messages and an open air of vulnerability. How do you strike a balance between the two?

AH: Thank you! Maybe a combination of trying to never take myself seriously, writing music from a personal place, and also trying to make songs that would be fun to recreate live.


ANON: What other plans do you have in the works for the rest of 2018?

AH: We are leaving on a month long tour of the US and Canada in support of our two new releases, Which Witch and Gentle Leader on Mint Records! in the fall we are doing a month long tour of Europe.



29543105_1870371599664317_408540527600861184_nPoster: Brian Blomerth


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