Past, Present and Future: A Questionnaire with Matt Cullen & Troy LaPersonerie



ANON Magazine took a moment to ask Matt Cullen & Troy LaPersonerie from the hit webseries Raymond & Lane about their obsessions, their dream vacation, how Raymond & Lane came to fruition, and much more. P.S. A Bloody Mary definitely counts as a smoothie.


How would you describe your childhood?

Troy: Unconventional. I started acting professionally when I was 9 and had the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally doing so.
Matt: Playful, fun, fortunate.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Troy: Hmmm… Maybe Spain.
Matt: Somewhere far, far away, beyond the moon, beyond the stars… (Let’s go with London).


Favorite cartoon?

Troy: As Told by Ginger … I miss her.
Matt: Oh, just give me some Saturday Morning Cartoon action again, please?? Recess, Rocket Power, the list goes on and on…


What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Troy: There has been far to many of those.
Matt: I choose not to re-live.


What’s your all time favorite book?

Troy: Less Than Zero // ( I don’t read)
Matt: Just Kids by Patti Smith and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.


Favorite quote from a movie?

Troy: Every line in Matilda.
Matt: I could never whole heartedly back up my answer if I attempted to answer this. Too many quotes I love and for all different reasons.


What are your solutions when you encounter a bout of insomnia?

Troy: I haven’t figured that out yet…
Matt: A warm shower.


What’s your midnight snack of choice?

Troy: Snickers … which is weird because I used to hate them.
Matt: Anything/everything that I can get my hands on while not having to get out of bed.


Describe your dream vacation.

Troy: Surrounded by friends and family near a body of water.
Matt: Mexico, on the beach, with my family, drinking a Pina Colada.


Favorite smoothie?

Troy: Does a Bloody Mary count as a smoothie??
Matt: I’m down for all but let’s leave out the bananas (weird, right?)


Who do you consider your role model?

Troy: I’m not sure anymore. I’m inspired by anyone going after what they want in life.
Matt: I look up to people that have successfully forged their own path and created their own destiny… NPR and Ted Talks have become my best friend.


What were you obsessed with as a kid?

Troy: Farm Animals and Broadway.
Matt: PETER PAN… and The Broadway Kids.


NYC or LA?

Troy: I love both for different reasons. Obviously the weather in LA is amazing. But the energy in NYC is electrifying. A healthy balance of both would do the trick.
Matt: New York City AND Los Angeles, how about that??


What movie makes you cry every time?

Troy: I literally used to cry if I even saw a Shirley temple movie when flipping through channels lol.
Matt: The first one that pops into my mind – which is so random because I haven’t seen it in years – is Stepmom with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon.


What’s your favorite aspect of your personality?

Troy: I tend to get along with everyone.
Matt: My drive and motivation.


What’s the last lie you told?

Troy: Are you calling me a liar?
Matt: A little white lie never hurt nobody…


What never fails to cheer you up?

Troy: Seeing my family and my dogs!
Matt: Macaroni and Cheese


Who has been your favorite actor to work with?

Troy: Oh wow that’s hard. We’ve been so incredibly lucky to work with so many interesting and talented people on Raymond & Lane. I think we’ve already worked with 23 new actors in the second season alone. There are things I enjoy about all of them. It would be impossible to choose only one.
Matt: No doubt my co-partner in this/best friend, Troy, has been my favorite actor to work with.


What makes your best friend your best friend?

Troy: We finish each other’s sentences and we are almost always on the same page.
Matt: He just read my mind and answered that exactly the way I was going to, so…


How did the two of you meet?

Troy: In college at Pace University.
Matt: Took the words right outta my mouth.


How did you start your web series?

Troy: It started with a chain of videos that we made on our iPhones and started uploading to YouTube. We started to get good responses and wanted to create something with a bit more substance. On the first day of shooting the web series I don’t even think we knew what it would be called. The first season was a huge learning experience. It was very experimental and I think you can really see the growth process throughout the season.
Matt: It was one of those things that started before we even knew what was about to start, if that makes sense. I think it was the day before the first shoot that we decided to go by our middle names for the show, Raymond (Troy’s) & Lane (mine).


What plans do you have for your web series in the near future?

Troy: We plan on creating several more webisodes and ultimately plan on bringing the show to TV.
Matt: I want to just keep having fun and let this adventure take us where we’re meant to go!


Where do you see yourselves in the next ten years?

Troy: Still creating, writing, acting, producing… Hopefully being bicoastal.
Matt: Ten years is far away, but I do know that I’d love to be directing more. Directing has been a passion that I’ve always had (I once directed a neighborhood musical rendition of “Annie” when I was ten or so, but obvi I had to play the lead so we changed the name to “Andy”)


What advice do you have for aspiring actors out there?

Troy: Know who you are and what you bring to the table. Create your own work. Keep busy.
Matt: Oh, I’m still trying to figure this one out. I’d say just to keep forward motion in your career and to never lose the joy.



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