Parental Approval: How Far Is Too Far?

Since I’ve been in college nearly two years and I’ve moved away from home, I’ve seen changes in my mindset.  It happens to everyone, we all end up moving away from home, and then realize that the decisions we want to make don’t exactly match up with the ideals of our parents, even though they used to.  I love my parents. I respect them more than anyone, and I’ve honestly only been grounded once in my entire life.  If there were a child more loyal than I, they would probably have the names of their parents branded into their skin by now.  Something that I’ve realized as I move into my adult life, which I’m sure many can relate to, is that my parents actually weren’t right about everything.  I mean, they were right most of the time, but life has shown me that there are so many more factors to consider in the world.  The purpose for me writing this, my friend, is to make you stop and think.  Think about what YOU believe.  Think about what YOU agree and disagree with.  Make YOUR own decisions.  Don’t base your political, social, or religious views off of how your parent’s raised you.  Be a free thinker.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, on my most recent trip home to visit my parental units, I made a statement to my father that freed me as a young adult.  As we were speaking of what direction I wanted my life to take, I flat out said “I can make my own choices, you won’t always agree with me, but I do expect you to show your support, because I am my own person now.”  To which he replied with much understanding.  I did not say anything to him in any sort of disrespectful manner; I just needed to let him know exactly how I felt.

I have never felt so honest with my own elder before.  A huge wave of calmness overcame me when I mustered up enough strength to tell him that his child is now growing up.  Sometimes, parents need to be reminded that we grow, and that we seek to find ourselves in this big world just as they did when they were our age.  I encourage you to find your own direction.  Of course, be responsible and thoughtful of others, but don’t forget that no one in this entire world was made to do exactly what you were made to do.  Stop following the dreams and expectations of your parents. Instead, start being that individual you were made to be. So, with this last statement, I will close: Who are you and what do YOU want?




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  • Aggie Mom

    Good job! Keep up the great writing! I felt the same way when I was your age and my father didn’t understand why I wanted to attend a different church that was not the same denomination that I had been raised.

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