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cover issue 5


We’re back and at it with a new print zine!

Issue 5 of ANON Magazine is out and features work from around the globe based on consumer culture and materialism –  “Consumed” includes photography, prose, written articles, and comics/art from multiple individual’s take on consumerism. We encourage you to think about the multitude of ways that materialism affects your day-to-day life and in what ways it can be positive or negative. The 60-page zine can be purchased under our Shop section here. We only charge the original cost of printing each zine, nothing extra! For international orders, please send your shipping info to anonmagazine1@gmail.com for a quote.

Thank you for taking the time to check out what we do and support all the artists who contributed to us, both near and far.

With love,

Becky & Trish

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