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Hey friends!

Issue 3 of ANON is titled “The Book of You” and featured ┬áthe work of over a dozen international artists of all sorts. Not only is this mag about love, hate, sex, and relationships (stuff we can all relate to), but it is also being handmade for you as a BOOK! That’s right – you’re getting a full book out of us this time around. So, understandably, the price reflects the costs of printing and materials for binding. Because the price is a bit higher than we normally charge, we are ONLY charging what it costs to make (and ship) these books! Nothing extra. So buy this mag! You won’t regret it. And you can tell all of your hipster friends at the coffee shop that you supported an independent mag and its starving artists. What’s cooler than that? Nothing. Nothing is cooler than that.

TO PURCHASE: Go to our “shop” section on the site and look for ANON Magazine #3

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Email us at anonmagazine1@gmail.com



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