Omega Vague’s ‘Reveries’



Seems like everyone and their grandma is a musician these days. In a world of beats made on laptops and “help me record my debut album!” Kickstarters, it’s easy to miss truly good self-recorded/produced music while you’re trying to avoid all the “experimental” garbage out there. Luckily, I’ve got a pretty solid homemade-ish album for y’all, straight outta Connecticut – Omega Vague’s Reveries.


Omega Vague is Craig Douglas, who’s something of a jack-of-all-trades music-wise. Although he enlisted some help for post-production and drums (all credits can be found on Omega Vague’s website), Douglas says he wrote, performed and recorded Reveries on his own. But he’s not just another sad white guy with Garage Band – Douglas has a unique and highly interesting sound, reminiscent of both 80’s new wave and sad, so-called “ghost rock”. You could also call Reveries dream pop: a little bit trippy, a little bit atmospheric, a little bit out there. Slow, moody sound effects abound. And with Douglas’ instrumentals and equally slow, moody voice, they work well.




Although a couple of tracks – see “Beyond the Stars” or “Don’t Let Me Go” – are a little more upbeat, Reveries as a whole has a somewhat melancholy feel to it. The lyrics are unremarkable – Douglas is no poet – but their vague simplicity only adds to the dreamy, haunting feel of this album. I think that Omega Vague is best listened to on a rainy afternoon, with a book cracked open, a draft coming through the windows in your shitty apartment, and perhaps some sad feelings on the brain (we all have these days, right?).


Although I much prefer sunny weather, I’m quite impressed with the production quality of Reveries as well as Douglas’ instrumental, vocal, and sound mixing skills. Omega Vague isn’t just another wannabe with a Kickstarter – this is a project with potential. And overall, Reveries is a pretty impressive record.


Listen to Reveries and purchase the album on Omega Vague’s Bandcamp page.


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