Oddball Vintage Photo Set: Youth, Tenderness, and Skipping Class in the 90’s

Oddball Vintage featured in Junkie Business

It would be impossible to say what our favorite feature in the eleventh print release Junkie Business might be. Everyone was perfect. We could weep into eternity our gratitude for each person who had a part in this edition. Though we can say none of the submissions warmed our heart near as much as this photo set Oddball Vintage (Lauren Mahoney/Will Farr) put together with the help of the always incredible photographer Caitlin Rounds. We did our best to tastefully fit what we could onto the pages of the magazine, in the end though the wall of limitations from doing an 8×10 glossy fell short in giving proper justice this set demands. We have to share the whole thing with you here.

Oddball Vintage featured in Junkie Business

Oddball Vintage began with the intention of showing what skipping class in the 90’s might have looked like in a way which would encompass youth and tenderness in the process, how perfect these turned out could not have been anticipated. All six models– Socha, Hope Kronke, Charlotte Friend, Kyle Hoang, Kelly Callahan, Jamazeya Taylor

Oddball Vintage featured in Junkie Business

make the pictures breathe with character; there is a warm radiating love giving us a nostalgic glimpse at innocence, we taste the experience of time-stamped escape, as though this truly were one of the last remaining way stations before reaching the ever changing destination of TOMORROW; our romanticism blinds us as we forget looking over each frame of this being a designed artificial experience. One can only hope these models really shared this idealized moment, Oddball and Rounds came together and created something of such power believing anything short of that being the case seems impossible.

If you care to see these photos in the flesh you can grab a copy of Junkie Business for yourself through this link or hit the shop section in the header above.

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