Objects to Desire

Objects To Desire
// the lesser said, the better.

Photos : Suryakant Sawhney
Directed / Edited : Surabhi Tandon


“Objects to Desire” arose out of many different conversations and a couple of challenging attempts to shoot with film. But the longer it took, the clearer the vision became. Of course, meeting some really interesting people with who these collaborations were born have been integral, too.

I’ve been shooting video and photos at work for a few years now, and both of those have been embedded in a documentary format. Delving into this came out of an attempt to create fiction amidst the rush of real life. Especially in a world where a sense of detachment to our environment is on the rise (I often find myself wondering about where we as a species are headed).

In this particular series the objects serve as metaphors; so instead of using the object in question for its appropriate function, we played around with what we could do and what each of those actions could stand for. But in the end, I hope that the bizarre nature of each photo remains open ended. Perhaps the photos remain banal, only visual in their experience. Perhaps they trigger your own imagination and interpretation. Desire works in similarly strange ways. Always around but never quite as easy to recognize.

“Objects to Desire” is also a practice in collaboration. For each of the series, I’ve teamed up with a different photographer / friend to create these micro-photo stories.


Surabhi Tandon is a video journalist and photographer based out of New Dehli, India. You can see more of  stories on her Instagram and Twitter.
















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