No You Can’t Have This Track: Grimes – REALiTi



In case you haven’t heard yet, Grimes’ most recent album was scrapped. Yes, the one with ‘Go’ on it. When asked why, Grimes told that the album just felt “depressing”, though I think it may have had more to do with bad reaction to the single ‘Go’ featuring Blood Diamonds. While not a bad song, ‘Go’ seemed to give off the feeling that any relevant electronic artist could have created the track. It had the Grimes feel, but not enough of it.

Even though she scrapped it, we’ve been fortunate to hear more from the ‘lost’ album. ‘REALiTi’ does that which ‘Go’ did not. It has a classic Grimes feel, without simply repeating the same song and dance again – what fans of any artist look for in new tunes.

She released the track as a thanks to those who saw her shows in the East (Beijing, Seoul, etc.). Grimes says, “It was an honor to play with such amazing bands and travel to places I would never otherwise be able to go!” Grimes was also sure to comment on the sound quality of ‘REALiTi’, though I think it sounds pretty good, and fuck you if you’re the type to come down on an artist for that sort of thing anyway.

“This song was never finished. Its a demo from ~ the lost album ~, recorded early 2013. i lost the ableton file, so its not mixed or mastered. i tried to doctor the mp3 into a listenable state, but it was poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone, so its a bit of a mess haha.”

Thanks for this track, Grimes. You’re fans seem to be loving it, and rightfully so. I’m excited to see what she releases next. Maybe some more from the lost album?



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