Nick Allison and the Players Lounge – Album Release | Tour Dates

Nick Allison and the Players Lounge

Album Release | Tour Dates

By Jay Armstrong

Here we are, not ready to concede to the corporate capitalist blasé borings buying their stairway to heaven’s pearly gated community. Where once we docked like Sausalito–poets, painters, junkies, dropouts–tied off to Austin’s peaceful shore, now we ever look off into the distance for another ship to pass in the night cut from the same cloth. Nick Allison and the Players Lounge are one of those ships; brothers not by proxy but by shared pride in continually defining ourselves simply by standing firm to the conviction that we must prove our sense of purpose found in being honest about who we are and what we are about over and over again through our actions. There was a time when this band would have been solid simply by making noise here beside us as a word of mouth, “have you heard them yet,” experience. Their hushed confidence was born for it yet now they stand as one of the last buoys of hope, a reminder of what this town is supposed to be about, of what this town should still be defined by, rock n roll so damn good, unique, upstanding we almost forget they rub shoulders in the same spaces as familiar faces on the regular. The glory days ain’t gone.

Although we still have two days until the new album Make Room is tangibly here to see just how far the band has grown. This first song “Thread” says enough about how they took their early Harlem meets Rich Hands steps and begin now hitting stride with the confidence and composure of a band as excited to hear and witness their own growth as they rightly assume a solid clump of ugly greasy strangers will be as well. Made all the more true by this being Greg Enlow’s final recording and although something so tragic and of such communal importance deserves a million teary eyed words on the beauty of love and loss felt in his leaving, this is not the place. No doubt enough will be said over the years as friends flip Make Room over and over in awe of his defining comfortable presence which stood out always, now standing upwardly facing eternity; a monument to a time and place with a friend who for so many will only continue growing in warm positive appreciation for what was shared as the other darker yet equally healthy and necessary emotions continue being worn down through acceptance so joy and nostalgia will overwhelm the other bends of the senses which shall be forever present in such a beautiful totem for our love.

Their album release/tour kickoff show is at Hard Luck Lounge tonight with Warm Sugar and Rattlesnake Milk. The album will be available officially on Friday.

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