New Year, New You

February! One of the best months to show off your winter wear and all of those layers of cuteness.

The new year can bring in a new wardrobe and a new sense of style. If you’re tired of having the same slouchy look and want to “vamp up” your wardrobe, check out the Polyvore sets included! If you’re ever having trouble with finding what to wear, I’d suggest going to websites like Polyvore or going on Tumblr and searching “fashion” (or something similar). It’s just like a look book of a variety of styles, not just one certain look. That’s the great thing about fashion and being you.

You get to wear what YOU want. Don’t be afraid to stand out, because the majority of the time people are intrigued rather than making fun of people who dare to dress up. They stare in awe, rather than of disgust. Unless you’re wearing Ugg Boots and Nike Shorts, then they’re staring because of disgust. Bring out your inner fashionista this new year!



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