New Video(s): Lord Friday the 13th – “Bigots Beware”

Lord Friday the 13th – “Bigots Beware”

Lord Friday the 13th by Jackie Lee Young
Photo by Jackie Lee Young

Marking the first single from their Irrational Anthem EP, Lord Friday the 13th are celebrating with the release of THREE(!) videos for “Bigots Beware.” Hey, with this extra time on our collective hands, at least they are putting it to good use. All we have been doing is refusing to put on pants while watching the Phantasm series with the sound off and Negativeland records blasting over it. Way to make us all feel ineffectually worthless. Geez.

All three videos are directed by Jackie Lee Young. As a whole, they are fun collages of creativity featuring one hell of a puppet dungeon concert, lyric focus (which is great in theory….if only bigots read more than Fox News headlines we might get somewhere. Maybe we can change the vocals to sound as though Ayn Rand were the one singing. I digress.), and a sweet traditional with the duo glammed up.

Thanks to the pre-apocalyptic times brought upon us this year, the band’s original plan for putting out their full-length Murder Music has been shelved until late 2021. In the meantime, they are going to slowly release an EP of songs, one single at a time, over the coming months. This way at least some of the songs from an album they were obviously excited to make tangible can feel the light they properly deserve. The album was recorded at Bedrock Studios in Cavan, Ireland under the wing of Pete O’Hanlon and Evan Walsh (The Strypes/The Zen Arcade). It was mastered by Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs).

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