New Video: The Bright Light Social Hour – “Guillotine Billionaires/Responsibility”

In internet time, having come out two weeks ago, the latest Bright Light Social Hour video is old news. Sue us for finally pulling it up this weekend. While we are intrigued by going longwinded on the band created short film for “Guillotine Billionaires and Responsibility” we respect you as freethinking individuals who can come to your own sense of understanding in a much shorter period than it would take to read our skewed attempts at rationalization. The horse masks represent god while the horses themselves represent unrequited love….right?

While the short film is a tongue-in-cheek political representation of or current social climate, the songs themselves and how they reflect this moment for the band are what stands out—once again, considering the horse masks this is a testament.  “Guillotine Billionaires” revels in smooth complexity as the swelling and tonal shifts happen with such ease they seem naturally self-evident only once they have happened. The smoothness makes us almost believe we anticipated the transitions. Forewarned in the titles of the songs themselves, the politically charged condemnations—agreeably aligning with our own as they are—find the words placed casually at ease among all else happening so as to pass nearly unnoticed allowing them to be felt as part of a whole which is not dependent on selling us an ideology which might trip us up on our way to a good time.  Not until the repeated “I don’t take any responsibility” builds up do we catch ourselves acknowledging the head trip we have been riding on. As “Responsibility” reaches crescendo the lead guitar melts us with an impact that settles the last seven-minute experience perfectly. While our angered burnt ends of the last four years has our inner child crying “no more politics,” it is pleasant to hear our experience represented in a way which does not exploit those feelings cheaply.

Upcoming Shows:

May 30th – Pressure Release Party @ Independence Brewery w/ Western Youth, The Human Circuit, Peeelander-Yellow, Thor and Friends, Drint Fertility House
June 19th@ Haute Spot w/ Lo Talker
Sept 11th@ Expansion 2021 w/ Meatbodies, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, etc…..

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