New Video: Teenage Cavegirl – “Space Girl”

New Video: Teenage Cavegirl – “Space Girl”

by  Jay Armstrong

Here is a slice of free advice which seems a prerequisite for rock n roll yet somehow keeps skimming over the heads of these newbs around town; being cool is much more than a stiff upper lip and standing around bitching about why people have zero shits to give towards your mediocre band. Has everyone forgotten what city this is? Y’all lost your damn minds to assume playing a jaguar while double dipping everything between you and the soundboard in reverb is ever going to be enough around here. This is not judgement; it is a public service announcement reminding you to stop phoning it in.

This is Austin, just be about something palpable. Find what you love and let it kill you. Come and fake it. If you need a little help from your friends in growing a spine and learning how to strut, look no further than Teenage Cavegirl who have been grinding their teeth jumping on every show that came their way for years; playing each last minute set, each song, each stomped chord as though this moment is the only one that matters. They take themselves seriously in the disaffected sense– which is the only way tolerated on this block. I mean if you are going to do it, go all the way. Forget the sick sunglasses and leather everything, have you heard the sound of that guitar?!? Jesus Christ, someone send this video to every confused twelve year old before they mistakenly subscribe to Guitar World and start off down that disappointing path of Incubus respect which somehow leads to Steve Vai. There is room in this town for every facet of cool but if you are going to try, you better be going all in like these guys or you might as well head back to Alabama or wherever you were born to be forgotten in.

As we have come to expect, this “Space Girl” video embodies what remains important in this subculture of life we call home; simplistic substance bathed in a pure contrived constitution of cool.  Their debut album Candy Cigarettes will FINALLY be here June 1.

Teenage Cavegirl – Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook

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