New Video: Loteria – “Rhythm Revue”

New Video: Loteria – “Rhythm Revue”

by Jay Armstrong

Should it be surprising with all things considered that a video featuring our favorite spots, in our favorite city, overlain by the sweet sounds from the pinnacle of all that is left pure and holy should make me so sad? Goddamn, I miss the places, the faces, and the feeling that for once I found a space where I belong. If you happen to be lucky enough to rub shoulders with this band on the regular, no doubt you feel the same way. For those who might be unfamiliar; when someone says “Austin music,” either with acute awareness or down on the collective subconscious level, they are talking about Loteria.  With their album FINALLY (!!!!FINALLY!!!!!) coming out this year, I am going to save the grandiose heart swollen soliloquies for later. Otherwise, when it gets here I will be forced to reduce the review to actually talking about the music on the album and nobody wants to read that. So anyway, here is the Andy Campbell directed video for “Rhythm Revue.” I hope y’all are in a better place than I am, where you don’t find yourself choking back the tears like you are coming up on the end of The Notebook the second time you watched it. You would think after a lifetime of wasting my life buried in rock n roll I would have figured out how to only feel good and cool shoulder the rest but this being trapped at home for six months has me regressing hard. I am not about to start defending emo music or anything drastic—there is no reason to be overly concerned just yet.

I take back all the lame excuses to skip on seeing bands in the past—even if it is a set of mediocrities playing “I Wanna Be Your Dog” covers—I need to be out at the next show; my mental health is keeping the proverbial fingers crossed it happens sooner than later. On a positive note, at least we know Loteria has survived the pandemic so far and they still care enough to throw us their version of a three AM “WYD” text with a new video. Bullshit aside, it is doubtful that I am the only one stoked to be reminded how great they are and the space in which we are lucky to feel them exist. The future burns bright for these guys.

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